Thursday, 23 September 2010

Luke Worrall @ D.Gnak: Vauxhall Fashion Scout on 22/9/10

The D.Gnak debut collection “Workaholics” showed at Vauxhall Fashion Scout on Men’s Day at 1.30 PM with Luke Worrall opening the collection.

“Workaholic” is for men in the middle of ambiguous boundary, between men and women, still holding masculinity. Workaholics create new styles, the collection is inspired by crazy workaholics who keep busy, leaving no time for grooming, making untidy quirky-cool kid looks.

D-GANK’s key piece in this collection is the “twisted suit”. The signature of his style is casual based asymmetrical tailoring with twisted techniques and unique cuts. Using a colour palette of navy, beige and monotone, they express cold, dry looks, with unaffected wrinkles in wool, cotton, and linen; that crunch with soft and comfy feeling. Shoes in the collection have been a collaboration with Sanuk. Comfy, untidy feelings go well with the collection theme, workaholic.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

D.Gnak after-show party